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 Canada Rocks Volume #1
Song Title  Artist

1. High School Confidential

 Rough Trade

2. You're A Strange Animal

 Larry Gowan

3. Roxy Roller

 Sweeny Todd

4. Pop Goes The World

 Men Without Hats

5. Echo Beach

 Martha & The Muffins

6. Time Stands Still


7. I'm An Adult Now

 Pursuit Of Happiness

8. Your Daddy Don't Know


9. Lovers In A Dangerous Time

 Bruce Cockburn

These are professional re-creations and not renditions by the original artist.

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Copyright (C) 2003 Gamesman Inc. / Gamesman Karaoke

We want to thank all the musicians and singers who donated their time to help make our first disk. We were supposed to mention them on the slip cover, but we had to get a few disks out before we had time to update the slip covers. So, my thanks to the following people for helping us make this CDG. (No particular order)

Alan Shead                         George Allen               Garth Meacham

Chantalle Desrochers       Tammy Szozda            Wendy Trudel

Heather Lassell               Splash