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Gamesman Inc. finally has it's own web site

Dec 11/2002 -- If you are reading this, then you probably found this site by accident. Or you are one of my friends or colleagues and I told you about it. None the less, by the time we officially release our first product, we hope to have the site all cleaned up

Gamesman Inc. was actually founded in 1982 to do game development for the Commodore 64 computers (Thus our name). We developed three games (Munchy, Super-Tank, and Carpet Rider). If I can find a way to copy the old disks, I'll put the games up on the site here as public domain. Later on, we moved on to developing ActiveX software for Windows based development languages. Our product was the Component Toolbox OCX. The product is currently licensed to DBI Technologies and they and the product can be found at http://www.dbi-tech.com

And now we have expanded into music and multi-media. We hope to release our first karaoke disk out by 2003. I decided to do this disk simply because I have a love for music. Especially Canadian music. The problem here is that unless you are a big name act that is well know outside of Canada, there is a good chance that your music is not available on karaoke. Between ourselves and a few other companies out there, we hope to change this. 

And as far as our future... We hope to do a few more karaoke discs. And not just all Canadian discs. We are also working with some bands doing original material. If you have any suggestions, or have a song you would like to hear on karaoke, please let us know. We can't guarantee anything, including whether the publishers will even talk to us, let alone give us publishing rights. But we'll try. 

We have been around for 20 years. We hope to be around for another 20 or 40. Let us know what you think

Craig Gluck



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