Gamesman Inc. Releases Canada Rocks Volume 1

More Canadian Artist Karaoke Now Available.

May 13/2003 - It took nearly a year to get our first disk out the door, but we finally did it. Last week, we released "Canada Rocks Volume 1" to the general public. A collection of nine songs from artists that we hear on our classic rock stations everyday. It was truly a learning experience. Everything from learning to use our studio properly, to dealing with the publishing companies. We also want to thank all the musicians and singers who donated their time to help out. All the background singers on the disk were people from the local karaoke scene. While Gamesman Inc. is still a business, the first disk really was a labor of love. We hope that those of you who get a chance to access the disk enjoy it. 

What about the future of Gamesman Karaoke? The main reason it took so long to get our first disk out the door is that we had trouble obtaining publishing rights for certain songs. There are some artists out their who do not want their music on karaoke. On the other hand, there are many who do. We now have enough song rights for our next five disks. Canada Rocks Volume 2 is nearly complete, and we have already started work on our third and fourth disk. However, starting with disk 4 (Hits of the 80's & 90's Vol. 1), not all songs on it will be from Canadian artists. This is for two reasons..

First of all, while our first disk was a labor of love, Gamesman is still a business. Karaoke is a niche business, and an all-Canadian disk makes it even more so. It limits our sales. Which in turn means we have to charge a higher price for it to recover our costs. It is in our best interests to produce a disk with more appeal outside of Canada. The second reason is that I really like these other songs. And since it is my company, I get to choose the songs I want to sing. I'm a big fan of rock music from the 70's-90's. I find there are a lot of songs out there that have yet to be placed on karaoke. Still, all of our disks will continue to have heavy Canadian content (at least half). Even with two other companies out there producing Canadian music, it might be years before all the good songs are covered.

My thanks to you all. We hope to be around for a long time.

Craig Gluck

Gamesman Inc.

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